Answers before you ask.  Resolution before you worry. Promoting your message to the masses. Upslope will do these things for you and more by offering the following:

Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA)/ Strategic Support

  • OCI-Free Verification, Assessments (Technical, Financial, Scheduling), And Strategy 

  • Expertise In Acquisition, Development, Financial, Communication, and Management

  • Flag-Staff Dedicated Support 

  • Portfolio, Program, And Project Assistance/Support.

Enterprise Architecture (EA)

  • EA solutions development, design,  and implementation

  • Enterprise architecture models and methodologies​ assessment and recommendations

  • EA, System, and Capability integration plans development and maintenance

Portfolio, Program, Project, and Product Management

  • Portfolio, Program, Project, And Product ​Management Best Practices 

  • Agile, Safe, Hybrid, Lean, Waterfall, 6-sigma Methodologies ​Expertise 

  • Expertise In Management Functions: Planning, Programming Budgeting And Execution (PPBE), Schedule, Earned Value Management (EVM), And Lifecycle Cost Analysis

Outreach Support and Counseling 

  • Customer-Focus/Application-Specific Outreach And Communication Strategy Development And Execution

  • Application-specific Outreach Approach And Execution

  • Training Development And Execution In A Variety Of Training Formats (e.g., Virtual, In-person, Seminar, Train-the-trainer)

Requirements Decompensation 

  • Customer Panel And Design Sprint​ Facilitator And Moderator Support 

  • Requirements Decomposition Analysis ​And Recommendation 

Image by The Climate Reality Project


At the "speed of mission"  is our goal  for any system/platform.  Our system/platform solutions promote usability, scalability, reliability, and security best-practices and industry standards. We specialize in the following services:

DAWIA-Certified Acquisition Support 

  • Develop procurement objectives​

  • Provide pre-award, post-award, and closeout contracting activities. ​

  • Provide acquisition consultation, analysis, justification, and strategies support​

  • Solicitation development (i.e. form section 26, 33)

  • Contracts Establishment: From Time and Materials (T&M) to Enterprise License Agreement (ELA)


  • Optimize Authorization to Operate (ATO) and Interim Authorization to Test (IATT) processes 

  • Analyze/report/log/monitor foreign network activity and threats

  • Develop security solutions that will evolve constantly to support mission needs/requests and prevent current and future adversary cyber-attacks.

  • Support of continuous monitoring and testing (i.e., Security Control Assessments (SCA’s), Penetration Testing (CVPA) ) activities


  • Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Delivery (CD) Platform Build-out, Updates, And Maintenance

  • DevSecOps Tools Analysis, Integration, Maintenance, and Training
  • Training/Documentation Development, Maintenance, and Execution

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Support/Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Support

  • SDLC Phase (Investigation, Analysis, Design, Build, Test, Implement, And Maintenance) Support

  • Training/Documentation Development, Maintenance, And Execution

  • Agile Planning Techniques (e.g., Sprints, Rolling Wave) Expertise 

  • Enterprise Integration And Test Support 

  • Security Authorization Support (Authorization To Operate (ATO), Interim Authorization To Test (IATT))

Continuous Operations and Maintenance/Support 

  • Tier help desk support​

  • Troubleshooting

  • Continuous monitoring​

  • Updating and reviewing security controls

Requirements Decompensation 

  • Tiered Help Desk Support (e.g., Troubleshooting, Monitoring, Updates, COOP)

  • Continuous Monitoring Setup and Maintenance

  • Security Controls Assessment And Updates 



Making INTelligence accessible: That is the goal. Our expertise includes IMage INTelligence (IMINT), SIGnal INTelligence (SIGINT), & GEOspatail INTelligence (GEOINT). We specialize integrating INTelligence in to your workflows, optimizing/improving existing INTelligence solution, and providing training on INTelligence data and systems.  We offer the following:

Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT)

  • COTS (e.g., ESRI) and Open-Source Geospatial Information systems (GIS) and tools ​

  • Geospatial Products and Data (Standards, formats, metadata, management) 

  • Application and analysis workflow training ​

Imagery Intelligence (IMINT)

  • Mission Control and Processing system development and maintenance support​

  • Emerging technologies analysis and prototyping ​

  • Remote Sensing/RADAR Sensors and Products​

SIGnal INTelligence (SIGINT)

  • Signals development (SIGDEV) And SIGINT Application Development ​

  • Data conditioning, reconstruction, and exploitation​

  • SIGINT analysis Workflow (Trend, Traffic analysis, DNI/DNR methods, Characterization, and mapping

Open-source intelligence (OSINT)

  • Application Development ​

  • Data conditioning ​

  • OSINT Analysis Workflow​

  • OSINT best-practices, policy, and regulations

Spacecraft in Orbit
US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform


Plan, schedule, staff, and secure military items for real-world technology and personnel exercises.

Test Director 

  • ​Field Training Exercise (FTX) And Pseudo Real-world Checkout/Evaluation Of Capabilities Lead

  • Scenario And Exercise Development And Coordination 

  • Training Aids Identification And Capture Strategy 

  • Government or Customer Point-Of-Contact 

Test Coordinator

  • Day-Of Test/Exercise Coordinator, Scenario Execution, And Reporting Point-Of-Contact

  • Real-world Technology And Personnel Exercises Support (i.e., Plan, Schedule, Staff, And Procurements)

Staffing and Training Aids Support

  • Personnel (I.E., Role Players), Training Services (I.E., Makeup Artists, Test Coordinators), And Training Aids (I.E.,  Vehicles, Watercrafts, Battlefield Effects) Procurement Support 


As an official Registered Provider Organization of the CMMC Accreditation Body (CMMC-AB), we are permitted to provide our clients with guidance, consultations, and recommendations for maneuvering the CMMC system: 


  • Trained staff familiar with a basic understanding of the requirements.  At least one Registered Practitioner on staff at all times following the CMMC-AB code of professional conduct. 


  • Consultation and implementation advice as well as assessment preparation (we do not conduct the actual assessment.


  • Specifically tailored recommendations on how to navigate the CMMC system. 

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