UpSlope and Women Giving Back

FEB 5 2021

The presence of the COVID 19 pandemic has made uncertain times even more so for a great many number of people across the country.  UpSlope Advisors is grateful to be able to contribute and provide support to some of the many organizations doing their best to continue helping those in need during this time.  Women Giving Back is one of those organizations.  Their mission is to help women and children in crisis, many who are living in shelters, by distributing clothes and other basic necessities to them at no cost.  They do this by having a store that consists of clothes, shoes, accessories and more that are donated by the public.  The donations are what allows them the ability to provide the items free of charge.   Their focus is on those in shelters or transitional programs in or around the greater DC area.  Although they are not able to accept clothing and accessories right now due to COVID, they are accepting diapers, wipes and toiletries.  These items are being distribute to individuals and families considered vulnerable.  For more information on this wonderful organization and the great things they are doing please visit

UpSlope GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contract

FEB 5 2021

The year of Upslope continues!!! Upslope has their GSA Schedules!!!

UpSlope is pleased to announce it has been awarded a General Services Administration (GSA) schedule, which is also referred to a GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)!  GSA is a US Government Agency that oversees federal purchasing and buying.  GSA Schedule refers to a government purchasing program that consists of a dozen product and service categories.  As UpSlope was granted the Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), we are able to offer our professional and information technology services and solutions using one contract.  Contact us for more information on how we can streamline and simplify federal buying & acquisition processes for you.

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Joint Venture Opportunity

JAN 16 2021

I had an opportunity to work with Judy Sindecuse CEO of Capital Innovators over the past few years in mentoring several diverse startup companies. As we continue to grow, we would like to continue this effort in playing a role nationally, and locally in sharing our experiences, and mentoring other companies to help build a small business partner ecosystem. We are very excited to announce that Judy Sindecuse has joined our advisory board. Besides these, another exciting news is the formation of our very first small business joint venture with upslope advisors Cslope LLC

Sekhar Prabhakar, CEO, CEdge Software Consultants

UpSlope Advisors - Your Allies In CMMC Compliance

Jan 15 2021

From now until October 2025, all companies doing business with the Department of Defense (DoD) will be required to satisfy DoD cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requirements. New DoD contracts starting now could require CMMC compliance.  Are you compliant? Do you know where to start?  If not, Upslope can offer advice and support. 

UpSlope Advisors is an official RPO, or Registered Provider Organization of the CMMC Accreditation Body.  Meaning we can provide our clients with guidance, consultations, and recommendations for maneuvering the CMMC system.  Being an RPO means that UpSlope employs staff who are familiar with the basic CMMC procedures, provide assessment preparation (but not actual assessments), and offer non-certified consulting. 

The CMMC-AB logo on our page guarantees that we are bound by a professional code of conduct, received authorization from the CMMC-AB, and have at least one Registered Practitioner at all times.

Contact us for more details on how we can be an ally to your company in this process.

QGIS Lunch and Learn

Dec 16 2020

In December, UpSlope Owner, Aaron Kelley, was invited to speak at the QGIS Maryland User Group Lunch & Learn.  In this hour long talk, Aaron covered How NGA uses QGIS, what benefits QGIS provides to the NGA workforce, and whether QGIS training/support is available.

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