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At UpSlope Advisors, we transform ordinary gatherings into extraordinary events! Our expertise isn't just in managing events; it's about creating unforgettable experiences. From meticulous event management to innovative marketing strategies and exceptional production, we are your one-stop solution for events that leave a lasting impact. Our extensive experience in supporting both government and commercial conferences positions us uniquely to bring your vision to life with precision and flair. Partner with UpSlope Advisors, and let's make your event not just successful, but spectacular!



Event Management 

  • Budget development

  • Agenda Development

  • Foreign partner coordination

  • Presenters/Speaker Management

  • Registration management 

  • Site analysis and acquisition 


Comms & Design

  • Concept development

  • Stage and production design 

  • Marketing and collateral material
  • Graphics development

  • Exhibit booth design and build out

Conference Table



  • Audio/Visual management

  • Exhibition management

  • Venue and hotel room block management

  • Event space coordination and configuration
  • Food and beverage management 


Event Execution 

  • Overall event lead

  • Pre and on-site registration support

  • Run of Show execution

  • Presentation submission management
  • Speaker briefing and coaching

  • Rehearsal coordination and support




AeroWeek: A Landmark in Aeronautical Conferences

AeroWeek has firmly established itself as more than just a conference; it has become a landmark experience in the world of aeronautical events. Hosted by UpSlope, this vibrant gathering drew an impressive crowd of 350 attendees, serving as a nexus for government affiliates and fostering an environment rich in dialogue, innovation, and paradigm shifts.

The event was electrified by an array of dynamic presentations, each one captivating and inspiring attendees throughout the week. The success of AeroWeek can be attributed to UpSlope's meticulous planning and execution. Every aspect, from selecting premium venues and accommodations to conducting strategic weekly meetings with diverse teams, was handled with utmost precision. The conference featured comprehensive contingency plans, a seamless registration process, expert speaker management, top-notch audio-visual support, and even a virtual option for certain speakers.

With its focus on government sectors, AeroWeek ensured stringent security protocols were in place, allowing only authorized individuals to attend. The event also offered an engaging code of conduct, tailored to an audience that included international attendees and VIPs.

AeroWeek has set a new standard for aeronautical conferences. It was more than an event; it was an unforgettable journey that left 350 attendees abuzz with excitement and new ideas, resonating long after its conclusion. This event has undoubtedly marked a new era in aeronautical conferences, where every moment is a transformative experience and every experience, a story worth telling.

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